Our Vision

That private and philanthropic capital combined with economic discipline will be dedicated to supporting effective solutions to social and environmental challenges

Our Mission

To support game changing organizations which offer solutions that solve intractable social and environmental challenges by catalyzing change in their communities

Our Core Values

Have you ever asked yourself the question of just what kind of social and environmental impact your investments are having on the world in which you live?  

A simple 3 step questionnaire?

A business as usual attitude is no longer a sustainable model. What models do your investment strategies support?


"We at Keel are avid sailors. When we enter uncharted waters, it's necessary to chart our course and set our sails with anticipation and preparedness for  unexpected surprises. We treat your investments with the same respect we treat our lives whilst on the high seas"


After giving some thought to these simple yet important questions, we'd like to share a most poignant quote by the well-respected Dr. Wayne Dyer......

"When you change the way you look at things the things you're looking at begin to change"

Do your investments reflect your values?