OpenCape is an advanced nearly 400 mile fiber-optic network with an integrated collocation center that was created and is operated to advance the economic, social, and public safety interests of the communities of Southeastern Massachusetts


  • Our ability to identify and create fundable projects that attract a broader array of stakeholders
  • Our unique approach to projects both attracts resources and leverages the participatory outcomes of those resources through seamless integrated mechanisms and technical assistance
  • Our built in risk mitigation practices and science based approach to ensuring that projects deliver on metric outcomes
  • Our projects provide investors specified exit strategies

Keel’s holistic collaborative approach bridges stakeholders and leverages the expertise and interests of organizations that may have traditionally operated as a silo to create collective, quantitative and qualitative measurable impact at the same time providing enhanced returns at a reduced rate of risk.

We provide evaluation and impact measurement, readiness assessment and financial modeling to social enterprises and non-profit orgs seeking to scale and attract funding from the impact investment community. We in turn provide an intermediary bridge to impact investors looking to support sustainable innovation and the enterprises that offer these solutions through important social and environmental programs, while producing measurable social and financial results.


Keel Asset Management LLC, a financial and investment advisory firm headquartered in Chicago, provides financial and investment advisory services to both nonprofit and for profit organizations with social and environmental mission based objectives. Our capabilities include conducting due diligence and providing recommendations to client organizations with respect to their readiness to scale their operations and capacity to seek additional philanthropic and impact investor resources to fund and sustain growth. The principals of Keel have developed substantial market knowledge of the range of mission based investor preferences and philanthropic requirements across the educational, environmental, healthcare, and economic development sectors on a national basis. Coupling technical experience in metric evaluation, organizational management, finance and investments -- Keel supports impact oriented clients as they transition to “multi – stream” sustainable funding models with heterogeneous stakeholder interests